Why Did Salt Grow In River Essay

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The Effect of Salt on Radish Seed Growth along the Nelson River in Ensi county, Indiana.
Autumn Acord

Radish farms along the Nelson river had a recent lack of growth of their radishes. A landfill and a salt storage facility had recently opened along the river near the farms. Samples from the river were taken and used to grow radishes to see what caused the lack of growth. The salt storage facility had leaked into the river, causing samples B and D not grow.

In Ensi County, Indiana along the Nelson River it has been reported by two farmers that their crops are not growing. Three farmers use the Nelson River and the same methods they used the previous year to produce their crops. Recently added in their area was a salt storage
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It was in the middle of Nelson River between irrigation pumps. There was an abundance of salt and it was not able to dissolve or become diluted enough for the plants to grow. This helps prove that the salt is the reason why the radish seeds were not growing on this farm.

Each seed with Site E water grew on average 7.625 centimeters. Site E was located after Kimmel’s Creek joined in with the river, where Kimmel’s Creek brings fresh water and helps dilute or dissolve the salt. All this data helps find the reason why the farmers are having problems with growing their crops by the Nelson River.

The hypothesis that was being tested was if the salt facility was leaking salt, then the crops will not grow. The hypothesis was supported by the data gathered because it proves that the seeds in the sites located near the salt facility did not grow at all, but the other seeds did when they were not affected. Site B and D’s seeds did not even sprout and they were located either by the salt facility or slightly downstream. Site Cand E was farther down the river and was not affected by the salt. Site A was completely before the storage facility and was not affected in anyway since it was the control of the
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