Why Did Sue Got Paid?

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At twenty one years old, while others my age explored life, I was examining mine. Sue, assisting me in the process, was my co-pilot covering as the therapist and played the part well because she represented everything you 'd imagine a therapist to be: the soft voice becoming stern if need be, the sympathetic look yet retaining an air of detachment and the clothes: pastel colours, beads, turtle neck. However, the therapy itself was not exclusive to self-exploration, I was there to sing but not to Sue; this wasn’t drama therapy. The dominant reason I initiated therapy was to free up the unconscious repressions I believed or was convinced were holding my voice back. In relation to the repressions, there could have been a few reasons but it was why Sue got paid; her job was to locate and release my repressions because my job was to make music. I was an aspiring music producer. I had my own studio, built it myself, took classes in engineering, was the only female, enjoyed the exclusivity, fancied the teacher, a bit, but despite my immersion into the then male dominated music production world, when you make music, music including vocals, it’s much easier to use yourself, so I would be a double my act, I’d be the producer, producing me, the artist. Of course, a certain amount of ego enjoys being the star rather than the producer, but purely for practical reasons. One snag. I was going to say this requires an ability to sing, but nowadays software eliminates the necessity but
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