Why Did The Black Lives Pursue Movement

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President Obama said, "When people say Black Lives Matter, that doesn't mean blue lives don't matter." On August of 2014, The Blacks Lives Matter movement began. Why the movement started was because of a white police officer shot a black man Michael Brown just 18 years old. They say it was because they thought he was pulling out a weapon. But, was it really because of a weapon or racial injustice. If it was just of racism and personal thoughts the man should not be a police officer if he puts other people in danger. Also, this is not the first time racism has taken place, not just now it was back in 1400´s. Racism takes place today when you walk down the street and you hear racism, or there is racism on social media. Why did blacks and whites become separate identities? Why did blacks begin to be treated not equal…show more content…
95% of men, half of the men are African American. Why are we shooting these men that have not done anything to us? Most of all blacks that were shot and killed by police were armed. But were all these weapons actual guns. A portion of the weapons were baseball bats, knives, and machetes. Most commonly of these cases, these of guns were fake guns, toy guns, BB guns, and air guns. 77 cases of shootings 36% are black men. Rylie Baldwin wrote " If all these shootings out of 95% are African American. Why did they shoot them."(Kar). On October 25 of 2016 in Minnesota, a black man was supposedly walking down the middle the street. A police officer was accusing of walking down in the middle of the street inappropriately. He arrested him and was charged for not obeying the traffic signals. If everybody is not treated equally then why can't whites obey the law or traffic signals then why are then not getting in trouble? If black people are not being treated equally then why do we have the equal rights act? Rylie Baldwin Said, " If we have equal rights then why are black people are being treated not equal"
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