Why Did The British Lose The Revolutionary War?

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Why Did The British Lose the Revolutionary War? Many factors contributed to the British losing the American Revolutionary War. By the 1770’s the American colonists were not socially, religiously, or culturally connected to Britain. The colonists has their own ways of life and thus were not British by culture. The majority of the colonists had immigrated to America to escape the rigid class structures of Britain and Europe. The Americans had lived independently and autonomously from Great Britain since the Puritans arrived in Massachusetts in 1620. They had developed their own patriotism and did not consider themselves to be British subjects. Thus, they no longer wanted or needed Britain, for the British were like foreigners in America. After having years of benign British neglect, and after capably governing themselves, the people in the American colonies were not pleased when the British Parliament decided after the end of the successful end of the French Indian War in 1763 to become more engaged in the American colonists’ affairs. The British government wanted to protect the American colonies from future Indian and other attacks. Consequently, the British Parliament imposed taxation on the colonists in the 1760’s. The colonists resented this intrusion, for they felt they were not truly represented in the British government. Taxation without representation became the rallying cry of the colonists. On July 2, 1776, the American Continental Congress in
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