Why Did The English Colonize The New World Analysis

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The English were always interested in exploring. They made many attempts to colonize the New World and had good reasons to do so. There were many strong monarchs in Europe including England, Spain, and France. These monarchs were very powerful but all wanted to expand and find new land to take control of. In order to do this, they had to find the proper resources and become able to explore and expand.

To know why the English were interested in settling in the New World, we first have to understand the conflicts they faced. In 1492, Western Europe went through a cultural renaissance. During this time, people found out ancient philosophies about Christianity and began trying to spread it. The renaissance caused tension in the European societies. Because of the new religious knowledge there began to be wars. Europe was mostly Christian but there were still Jews and Muslims. The differences in religion caused the reconquest to occur. The ruler of the Iberian peninsula was Muslim and was ran off and Spain removed all of the Jews who wouldn't convert to Catholicism. Religious differences would continue to be a major problem up until the
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The English were capable of settling in the New World because of planned ventures and people simply wanting to explore and spread their ideas. The ventures that the English went on were usually made when trading. This allowed them to find and explore new land that may have not been discovered or settled in. Because many of the English people were Christians, they set out to spread the ideas and words of Christianity. This also allowed them to explore new areas. Christopher Columbus was a bridge to settlement because after he made many trips, people began to follow and see where they could settle. There were previous settlements like Roanoke and the Lost Colony, but these weren't permanent and they set out again to make a lasting
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