Why Did The Federalist Papers Influence The Ratification Of The Constitution?

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Section A: Identification and Evaluation of Sources This investigation will explore the question: To what extent did The Federalist Papers influence the ratification of the Constitution? The publications, arguments, and effects of this document will be the focus of the investigation to allow for an analysis of where and in what ways The Federalist was influential during the constitutional conventions from 1787 to 1789. The first source that will be evaluated in depth is Ron Chernow’s book “Alexander Hamilton” which was published in 2005. The origin of this source is valuable because Chernow is a historian and writer who graduated from Yale university, Pembroke College, and Cambridge. He has won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography and the American History Book Prize and has written many books about the founding fathers and early republic, indicating his extensive knowledge on the subject. The purpose of “Alexander Hamilton” is to tell the story of the first secretary of the treasury and his influence on the new nation from his birth in 1755 to his death in 1804. This is valuable, because as the author of more than half of The Federalist, extensive knowledge on Hamilton’s political pursuits and views is helpful in creating an informed conclusion. However, since the main focus of the novel is Hamilton, the role of Madison and Jay may have been downsized or less researched. Also, the focus of the book was not the Constitutional convention and impact of the federalist papers, so

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