Why Did The Han Dynasty Monopome

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During Western Han dynasty Emperor Wu’s regent, he established monopolies on salt and iron. In the inner court of Emperor Zhao’s regent time (later Western Han), there is a debate about is it necessary to have monopolies at that time. In the time of Western Han dynasty, I believe monopolies is necessary, is good. Because money monopolies raise was used to defend borders with Xiongnu people, even though monopolies will make people greedy, but it was established because of Emperor Wu’s kindness to people that lived around borders. Emperor Wu wants to protect them. Everything has a side of good and a side of bad, when the goods are more than the bad, people call it a good thing. When the bad are more than the goods, people called it a bad thing. If we want to defend ourselves from the Xiongnu people, hardship of war for the soldiers of China is unavoidable, but if we do not defend ourselves properly, incursions from the Xiongnu people will never…show more content…
B). People that live there are poor, they want batter resources, just compare their life with the people that lived in the capital, differences are huge. They lived in same country, it is not fair that some people can have extravagant life, when other people cannot even be full up their stomach. Emperor Wu put pity on the people that has been so long suffered disaster, and sometimes carried off as captives for Xiongnu people, so he established the system of monopolies (Doc. B). Monopolies on salt and iron can strength the defense around the border. Kindness from Emperor Wu’s heart will never forgot by people that lived around the border. Little bit of people got in to greedy, when others of them got to save their life, which one is more important? Monopolies was good to people that are suffering a long time, and is dying from disease. Those kind of people were more than people that might got in to
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