Why Did The Industrial Revolution Begin?

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Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in Britain? One reason is because Britain had relatively high income and GDP per capita. Londoners at the time had one of the highest incomes in the entire world, the income was high way before industrialization. By Britain having a high income created a population with disposable income for the products like clothing produced in factories, and commodity products that supported trade in the 17th and 18th centuries. Second reason is because Britain was relatively well-developed financial sector. The British Financial Sector in the 17th and 18th centuries was one of the most progressive and refined in the world. Britain was already considered a center for trading and finance, and the capital supported…show more content…
Most countries like France and Russia had strong independent governments that did not fall under the power of foreign political control. These countries government could custom to the economic policies to serve their own interests. The countries then used the power of the state to advance their industry and catch up with Britain. What were social impacts of the Industrial Revolution? Some of the social impacts were an increase in population of cities, the lack of city planning that was necessary, loss of family stability, expansion of middle class, harsh conditions for laborers, workers ' progress versus laissez faire attitudes, improved standard of living, creation of new jobs, encouragement of technological progress, and political effects of the Industrial are all social effects of the Industrial Revolution. What were the causes of the New Imperialism of the 19th century, and how did it differ from European expansion in earlier periods? New Imperialism an era of colonial expansion by the European powers, the United States, and Japan around the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This era is pro-faced by a diversion of overseas territorial acquisitions. During this time the states focused on creating their empires with brand new technological advances and creations, making their territory bigger. During the era of New Imperialism, the Western powers and Japan erupted most of Africa
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