Why Did The Iranian Islamic Revolution Never Happened?

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What if the Iranian Islamic Revolution never happened?
As an Iranian who have grown up after revolution, it is hard to say how Iran would be different if we never had the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Based on a memory that my parents have shared to me about Iran prior to the Islamic revolution, I can imagine that without the revolution we would have a different life. The most highlighted is the religious tolerance. A few months after the Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini dictated the mandatory hijab for women. If the Islamic Revolution never happened, women were free to choose whatever they prefer to wear. After thirty-nine years' women in Iran still are fighting to take back their rights, but have not been completely successful. If the revolution
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Despite the initial hope and intention, Iran Islamic Revolution did not create a democratic administration, it only transformed an quasi-efficient dictatorship to an extremely inefficient theocratic government. Additionally, it caused economic burden for Iranians; since the revolution, Iran currency has lost its value over the Dollar by more than 500 times. Before the revolution, my father was a photographer, had a happy normal middle class life, but immediately after revolution all the cultural places were shut down implementing the Sharia laws, in return, my father lost his job. We had a difficult time to adjust to the new way of living. My childhood had passed under the fear and terrors of Iraqi bombs and missiles all the nights. Three of my cousins were killed during the Iraq-Iran war while they were in mandatory military service and three of my uncles died under extreme stress and heart attack. I never forget the first fireworks in 4th of July I experienced in the U.S. I couldn’t watch the fireworks. The fireworks just brought back all the memories of Iran-Iraq war I had, those nights of shaking and hiding under the stairs of our
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