Why Did The Rise And Fall Of The Mayan Society

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The Maya civilization is a renowned part of history, as it is remembered for its delicate and detailed culture filled with alluring architecture and arts. Not only this, but the Maya civilization is also memorable for their astronomical and mathematical skills (Demarest 2004, Sharer & Traxler 2006, Houston & Inomata 2009). Yet, despite their flourishing agriculture, economy and political state, the Classic Maya society met their demise in the 9th century (Willey et al. 1967, Culbert 1973). Paleoclimatologists and archaeologists come together to better understand the circumstances which brought the end of the Classic Maya civilization, creating a variety of arguments which would explain so. Although many reasons are presented to explain the…show more content…
In the next few paragraphs, one will see the evidence provided by a variety of archeologists and paleoclimatologists onto how climate change caused the breakdown of the beautiful society.
The Maya society underwent a drastic climate change, and were given little understanding on how to live around it. Climate can do a lot to a population within hours of a day, as weather is what survival surrounds. The Classic Maya was well adapted to the heavy rainfall they received, in fact, much of their agriculture and culture surrounded. So it would seem ironic that a heavy drought would be the root cause of their disappearance, and yet this was the case. Peter deMenocal analyzed a wide range of data from all over the world, looking for a link which connected human communities with natural disasters especially droughts. He found that despite there being other possible situation to the collapse of the Classic Maya society, it wasn’t possible for them to be the sole reason and thus, reasoning that the enduring climatic situation which was presented to the society during the time was truly
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The third, and more justified belief, is that the series of harsh droughts made their way through each community, till there was nothing left. Historical documents further prove the coldness which settled its way into the world, as in the Annals of Ulster, it is mentioned about a painful winter which takes over (Richardson: 285). Furthermore, this cold winter and rough wind is mentioned over and over in the book, indicating that the Classic Maya were not the only ones treated to this weather. Similar weather conditions during the 9th century was also discovered in Wibjorn Karlen, Sweden, which further proves the climate change was not something the Maya society was facing alone. From the northeast of the Caribbean, marine sediment proves that the increasingly lack of sea-surface salinity was what lead to the failing of the much necessary rainfall in the summer for the Maya civilization. These same records show that the droughts were not something which happened once, but was a periodic reoccurrence, and each time it would cause the rainfall to get becoming smaller and
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