Why Did The South Lose The Civil War

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The south isn’t have as many people or weapons
South didn’t have the expirenced generals,
Confederates “lost the will to fight”

The fundamental economic superiority of the North. A basic lack of strategy in the way the South fought the war. The inept Southern performance in foreign affairs. The South did not have a dominating civilian leader. The Confederate Constitution put too much emphasis on individual and states rights and did not stress the responsibilities of the individual or the state to the federal government.
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Lack of resources of the south
As of 1860 97% of guns were made in the North
As of 1860 94%of pig iron was made in the North
22 million people were made in the North
9 million people lived in the south and 5.5 million lived in the south were white
South tried to get resources from England, but the North prevented that from happening
Jefferson Davis was the Confederacy’s leader
Abraham Lincoln was the Union’s leader
People believe that if the south would have made more sacrifices than the south could’ve won
260,000 Confederate troops died in the war
200,000 were seriously wounded
The south used the american civil war as their strategy guide, because the south was out numbered and so was America, in 1775
The South wanted Europe’s help with resources (like guns, ammunition

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