Why Did The Titanic Blame

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Why did the Titanic sink? Who’s to blame for this imprint on the timeline of humanity? How could the guilty let this happen? All of these questions could be answered with one man, Captain Edward J. Smith. As Ballard’s Exploring the Titanic says, “(Captain Smith) was a natural leader and was popular with both crew and passengers… thirty-eight years’ service with the White Star Line… had an excellent safety record.” This seems like the guy you would want to captain a great ship like the Titanic, and at first he was. But, as the ship’s voyage progressed he started to forget his duties and take this trip as some getaway time for himself to enjoy. This idea of his endorsed his mind until he only visited the bridge every couple hours. When the iceberg…show more content…
One time this idea was shown, was when the Captain shrugged off the young radio operators worry. The twenty-two year old operator was getting multiple warnings of huge icebergs in their course to New York and began to fear for his life. So, like any other young person, he went to the Captain to see if it was as big as a fear that he thought it was. When he went to the Captain to proclaim his problem, Captain Smith assured the young man that nothing could sink the mighty ship. Another place where he disregarded the warnings was when he put the glacier warning on the bulletin board. In the bridge of the ship, there was a bulletin board that hardly any crew bothered looking at. The Captain figured the warning was just a mistake by other ships so he calmly placed it under a few papers of the board. In his year of experience with captaining he had never hit an iceberg so he thought that this was only a myth and he should ignore it. Not bothering to alert any other crew members to be prepared for an iceberg and giving them a informative talk on what to do if and when the iceberg hits. The radio operator went back to his booth blundered and fearing even more of his life and the lives of everyone on the ship. Maybe if the crew would’ve been alerted they could've put more people on the lifeboats and not accidently only put 28 people of…show more content…
One example that he thought this is when he send a few lookouts to leisurely watch out for icebergs ahead of them. Also, he goes back to bed once he sends out this command thinking that even if they do hit an iceberg it would be impossible to sink such a massive vehicle. If the Captain would’ve not been in his nightgown and was actually at the helm of the ship like most captains do, maybe the Titanic could have made a sharp turn from the glacier. But Captain Smith was cozy in bed with his Scrooge pajamas on leaving his young crew to defend against the night. The second instance that proves Captain Edward Smith thought the Titanic was unsinkable happened before the excursion out to sea. The Captain knew the size of the boat and how many people were traveling that Spring day and yet he still set sail knowing full well that not enough people would be able to fit on the emergency vessels if there was an accident. But the Captain thought that nothing would go wrong with the year of experience under his belt. Little did he know that he was very wrong and maybe if he would’ve said something to the builders of the ship about there not being enough lifeboats for the guests they might have changed it in time. Even though the voyage would’ve been delayed, he could’ve saved thousands, but instead he thought the ship was unsinkable and he
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