Why Did The United States Come To An End

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All through history every major empire has come to an end at some point, showing that the United State will come to an end at some time. It is shown that every empire has a great period of time filled with outstanding peace, prosperity, inventions, and architecture, but all good things must come to an end, and throughout time empires end with corruption, violence, and destruction. Most empires fell due to invasion, lack of advancing, or the empire got too big. For example, the Incans fell because their weapons were not superior when they go invaded by the Spanish. Another advanced empire that fell was the Mongols, their empire got too big and no one could control it after Genghis Khan died. The United States is like the past empires, they…show more content…
The ratings of movies being less strict have made United States peoples’ morals and values in life gone down. This is similar to the Roman Empire; the Roman Empire was full of success until the people started to get lazy and all they wanted to do was party. The Romans would party all night by drinking and dancing. To celebrate the Romans would have bloody fights that ended in lots of blood being shed until a new layer of sand had to be put down so they could keep fighting. Similar to violent movies, fights between people and people or people and animals at the Coliseum would entertain the Roman people. Once they thought that the government was stable they stopped improving in technology, architecture, and life in general and just partied until they died from so much alcohol. The Romans eventually fell to Germanic tribes because they became so weak in their government. This is similar to how the United States is falling in their morals and values, both communities started to decline from so much blood and violence. The people of the United States are getting more and more violent in what is shown in movies and TV shows. The Romans also had this problem in their fights between their own people. Both realms of people show a decline in morals and values from the movies and television that the United States watch which show so much violence and death to the fights to the
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