Why Did The United States Lose Iraq Essay

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The United States lost Iraq once they left altogether too soon before it was a fully stable country. It had just been starting to have been looking better for the country but as soon as President Barrack Obama had declared the war in Iraq as over things had started going bad. Not only had the troops left but the all United States ambassadors and politicians had left so Iraq's new prime minister Nori-al Maliki was left all alone with no more help from the US so he was able to do whatever he wanted to do without being watched. Maliki started the hatred and war again by trying to wipe out the Sunni population and making Iraq a mostly Shia ruled country. Now the problems continue to rise as both Sunni and Shia forces fight for control of the …show more content…

During Bush's term, the huge problem seemed as if it would never end because once the US stopped the Insurgence the Insurgence struck back making the problem spiral out of control again. The United States had frantically been searching for ways to end the fighting in Iraq. George Bush had tried everything from replacing US generals, to finding a new prime minister for Iraq who ended up being quite inexperienced, and to trying to stop the fighting by force but none of those solutions worked. Some of the generals had never commanded the whole army, Nori al-Maliki had turned out to be untrustworthy to US politicians and generals, and fighting with full-out war only seemed to bring casualties up. Iraq needed another solution and General Petraeus had seemed to find a way to slow the fighting down. He made a treaty with the Sunni who formed the Sons of Iraq to help the US and Iraq to stop the war. This had brought the Sunni back into the military that had been disbanded earlier so casualties dropped and the fighting was brought to control. By this time President George W. Bush had that the war pretty much over so he decided to hand Iraq back over to its own people but the country was still not yet ready to go out by itself and it would later prove problems when and Bush would leave the presidency a humiliated failure. The war in Iraq had proved to be a bigger problem than the US expected when they entered it and in order to fix it it would demand more thought. Not enough thought on plans led to the disaster the problem is

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