Why Did The Us Enter World War 1 Essay

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Gyelzen Sherpa

Today, I will be talking about how the United states got involved into the World War I also known as the Great War. In World War I, Americans were only involved for about a year and a half when differentiated with belligerents, the United states had spent less time in the combat than any other nation engaged in Great war. However, the warfare had done a lot of damage on America’s land and people and around the world. It also resulted in a big number of war memorials in Indianapolis to honor the veterans of the Great War. The Great War from the beginning till the end took the lives of an estimated of 37 million people which included the soldiers and the innocent civilians. When the war broke out between the European countries,
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So, what reason could have led the United States to enter the Great War. There are a number of factors which could have led the United States to enter the war. One of them could be the Germans’ choice to continue unrestricted submarine U boat attacks in early 1917 or it could be the telegram sent by German foreign Alfred Zimmerman in which he gave a word to assist Mexico to gain back their lost land from the United States and in return they had to fight with the Germans in the Great War. It could also have been the fall of the Tsarist regime in Russia, which made Wilson’s claim that he wanted to fight to make the world safe for democracy which was more reasonable. I believe that America’s primary reason to enter the war was due to economic reasons as they had sent an enormous amount of arms and money to nations such as the Great Britain and France which was to be returned in a long term basis. And the other stated could have been the secondary reasons which continuously poked the United States to enter the
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