Why Did Western Historian Have To Define Indigenous People?

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Methods that are used to define and tell the story of indigenous people are as follow. Throughout history, westerners would use negative words, images, and also use the term “animals and savages” to portray indigenous people and their culture. I ask myself, why did western historian have to define the indigenous individual as the animal? Which we all know it was very savage of those westerners to highlight and describe them as the animal. For instance, as we see throughout McGuffey article, he always seems to compare man and animals. Basically saying that man has more of a knowledge to learn and grow and also learn from mistakes, whereas for an animal it has no sense of knowledge, and they don’t even learn from mistakes they make because they lack knowledge and make none. The characteristic that we all try to stay away from to compliment or describe a person, a culture etc., is what we see the westerners do to define indigenous people. It's so contradicting on how these innocent people didn't have any saying to make in their lifetime growing up that was controlled by westerners, they also didn’t get the chance to speak up at that, and they also didn’t have the…show more content…
Which is based on my knowledge I know that wasn’t the case. Westerners were training them yes, but training them to adapt to the American way of living, but by doing that thy westerners would have to “train” these indigenous youths out of their native culture so it will be much easier to control and convert them. Also, that’s why westerners took them from such a young age. As we know we can manipulate a person from a younger age, so that they can grow up in having the state of mind and that will be all that they know and they can pass on the American way life from generation to
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