Why Did World War I? The Alliance To End It All?

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“The Alliance to end it all”

The War to end all wars was supposed to be the beginning of world peace, but it wasn’t. The world still faces war after war today. Even though World War 1 wasn’t the last war like predicted, it shaped the outcome of modern history. Many people believe that the United States joining the war on April 6, 1917, was a big mistake and believed we should have stayed neutral. But on the other side of the spectrum, many people believed we should jump into the war, along with Great Britain. But...what if instead of Germany sinking the the lusitania and the Zimmerman telegraph, it was actually Great Britain. What if instead of the US being allies with Great Britain, we were allies with Germany. Could that change the direction of the war? Most of America along with plenty of the world population believe we were the turning curve that won the war. It was clear that in the year of 1917, resources were very low on the western front. Germany was running low on supplies and manpower, while Great Britain and France were running low on supplies, manpower, and the morale of the soldiers were at an all time low. Germany knew that they were
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Britain is talking behind the US’s back and it is ticking us off. So when Germany comes calling us to aid them in war, we come to their aid. Just as the US steps in the war to aid Germany, Austria Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire, Russia drops out of the war because of their own revolutionary affairs 6 months later. This means great news for the central powers and the US. Now the only thing they have to focus on is the western front. They were still stationary at the trenches. The first possible step that the US could take was to flank france on their territory and push the French and British troops back. Because of the US flanking them, the French would have to pull troops back and defend the west coast
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