Why Did Wwii Break Out in 1939?

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The Second World War started for many reasons but the most important were: the treaty of Versailles and the negative impact it had upon Germany, the foreign policy of Adolf Hitler and what did the other countries do to stop Hitler’s actions.
The treaty of Versailles was a very important factor for the break out of war. The treaty took away land from Germany and gave it to Poland, France and Britain. This land included the colonies that Germany had in Africa that was given to France and Britain. It made Germany pay huge reparations that left them in a crisis, and Germany was already in a crisis due to the war which made the germans felt it would stop them from recovering. There were a lot of unemployment and whole families suffered from
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Hitler wanted the land of the Polish Corridor back to Germany because it had cut Germany in two and many German people lived there. But Poland refused to give back the lands because it would mean that they would lose the only access they had to the sea. Hitler invaded Poland so he could have back that land and to expand its territories. More land meant more men in the army and more space to oppose the USSR.
And the last of the most important factors of the breakout of the war was the fact that other countries only reacted and decided to fight back when Hitler conquered Poland. When Hitler began to rearm Germany they didn’t do nothing because they were more worried of the communist invasion and they thought that a stronger Germany could protect Europe from the USSR. Then, when Hitler rearmed the Rhineland they did not do anything because they thought that it was reasonable for Germany to have troops in their own territories, I think that the other countries weren’t as bothered with the treaty as they were in 1919. When Hitler United with Austria and the Austrian leader asked for help Britain, France and Italy didn’t do wanted was peace. In 1938, Britain and France made an agreement with Hitler saying that he could have the Sudetenland back if he didn’t took the rest of Czechoslovakia. They were so centered on maintaining peace that they didn’t even talked to the Czechs of this. But when Hitler broke this agreement they didn’t help Czechoslovakia because they
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