Why Did You Become Interested From The Bsph Program?

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When/How/Why did you become interested in the BSPH program?

During high school, I was actively involved in my local AHEC, which offered a program for high school students in the area to learn more about the health field through various camps and programs. One of the programs that I attended was at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the focus of the program was to expose first generation college students to the various allied health programs at UNC. Throughout the program professors and admission representatives from various departments gave a short presentation to the attendees, but the presentation from the Gillings School of Global Public Health was the one that resonated with me the most. That day I was introduced to a
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What experiences (volunteer or paid) contributed to your interest in the field of public health?

I have had the humbling experience to travel back to my ancestral community in occupied Palestine, and during each trip, I saw firsthand, how the culture managed to survive, and even thrive, despite limited resources and immobilization. The occupation has resulted in a limited water supply to many Palestinian villages; I can recall countless times where I was unable to shower and do laundry, since the use of water was prioritized for cooking over sanitation and hygiene. The lack of water resources in Palestine was my first formal encounter with a public health issue, in which there was a significant prevention of people from attending to their hygiene and properly sanitizing food and surfaces from microorganisms. In addition to the lack of water resources, the strict restrictions on imports have resulted in a further public health issue regarding many members of the village not having access to medicinal resources or dietary specific foods. This experience abroad has encouraged me to pursue a career in public health, in hopes of returning to Palestine with the appropriate resources and knowledge to: educate the community on water sustainability for their agricultural lifestyle, find a solution for the lack of medical resources, and propose proper dietary plans based on the food availability in my ancestral village.

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