Why Did You Not Watch Disney Movies Growing Up?

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Whenever I respond to someone who has asked me the question, “Did you not watch Disney movies growing up?” with the answer “No”, they give me a pitying look and tell me that I had missed out on my childhood. But I did have a childhood! My friends and I squashed ants and tried to burn a dead rat. We burned paper and attempted to set ablaze anything we could find. We climbed up scaffoldings and stole BB guns from our neighbor’s balcony. We ran around in our backyard playing tag, cops and robbers, handball; we played tennis at the nearby park and dug tunnels in the sandbox. While doing all this, we scraped our knees; we broke a few bones. I even had my first fist fight which resulted in the swelling of my lips. But we always tooks risks. We did not think about the danger of what we were attempting. We just did it and had fun doing it! Too many children nowadays are guarded by helicopter parents, who do not let their children take part in any activity because of the risk and dangers involved. If there is any risk of infection, scratches, cuts, and the likes, children are prohibited from partaking in activities containing these risks. But these risks and dangers are essential to the growth of children and provide them with the necessary tools and skill set to engage in the many risky, dangerous situations that the world will throw at them. Before going any further, it is important to understand why it is important for children to take risks and partake in “dangerous” activities.
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