Why Did the Communist Gain Power in 1949 in China?

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Why did the Communists gain power in 1949?

In 1949, after a long lasting contest for leadership, the Communists were able to gain power. In 1900, China was ruled by the Manchu dynasty, however less than in half a century a completely new government came into power. The Qing government had already been weak due to European countries because they gained great influence in China’s affair by using forces. They became so unpopular that people plotted to overthrow them. Despite the fact that the revolution of 1911 failed to overthrow them, it made the government collapse. People needed changes. But none of the leadership or the Party government could achieve what they promised in order to make the lives of people better in China. The Communist
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And even the Japanese operation against the Communists had opposite effect, because Three All Campaign’s aimed at turning people against the Communists by burning down their villages and crops, murdering the peasants made the peasants hate the Japanese even more and help the Communists attack them. The Japan-China war was a great success of the Communists because, by 1945, they controlled eighteen ‘liberation areas’ in the countryside. Invariably it was the Reds to whom the Japanese submitted.

However, after the Japanese retreat, the Communists and the Guomindang raced for control the areas that Japan had occupied. The USA became involved, because the US did not want the Communists to win control of China. They supported Guomindang troops to seize most other coastal cities and ports. The USA did not want to renew the civil war, therefore send General George C. Marshall to bring the two sides together in December 1945. He managed to sing a truce between them but it broke down in early 1946. The Civil War started. Guomindang seemed stronger because their military power was helped by America. Chiang Kai-shek was recognised as the true leader of China. Communists were not in good position, because they did not have air force and navy, they had few railways and they only had an army of 1 million men. It seemed really weak; they did not even have the help of a

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