Why Didn T Like Capitalism Analysis

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Galeano means a lot when he writes about primitive accumulation. One thing that he talks about is capitalism. Capitalism is a economic system in many countries across the world. For example some countries that have capitalism is the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Ireland and Sweden. Capitalism is when a country’s industry and trade are controlled by private owners for money. Marx didn't like the idea of capitalism, he wrote about this in the passage in many ways. One Reason that Marx didn't like capitalism is because Marx thought that capitalism was just a way for private owners to make a lot of money while the working class didn't make as much. So to Marx it wasn't fair in his opinion so in other words Marx is saying that the private owners of the capitalism have basically free labor. Marx also believed that the country with the most industry would also have some of the poorest people on earth. The reason he believed this is because the country with the most industry would…show more content…
Marx also fount that in Mexico that all of the capital owners where the ones that owned the mines. Marx also stated that Latin America needed to keep on producing good in order to keep the other countries to keep on moving on. The reason for this is because Latin America had some of the best goods in the world. They got these goods by using slaves mostly black slaves that came from Africa. This is one reason that Marx wrote this passage is because of all the slaves and people working for hardly any money in the world.
Marx also states that the Gold and Silver that the countries fount in new worlds fed the growth of capitalism tremendously. The reason that this happened is because when the countries fount the gold and silver is made them richer so they could build factories and industries and pay the workers hardly any money for
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