Why Direct Mail Marketers Love Variable Data Printing

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Why Direct Mail Marketers Love Variable Data Printing Keywords: variable data printing, variable printing, digital printing Persona: Direct Marketing Daryl Photo options: http://depositphotos.com/40101833/stock-photo-printing-machine.html http://depositphotos.com/13123801/stock-photo-hand-reaching-images-streaming-as.html http://depositphotos.com/22715635/stock-photo-distributing-information-in-a-digital.html http://depositphotos.com/23356664/stock-photo-junk-mail-flyers.html Today, brands play a bigger role in our lives than ever before. They’re texting us, tweeting us, and occasionally even insulting us. The ways brands interact with consumers has evolved, and so have shoppers’ expectations. Consumers have come to expect a higher…show more content…
Variable Data Printing and 1:1 Marketing Campaigns Today, variable printing can do far more than simply print unique address labels. Marketing collateral can be fully customized for each individual contact. This includes customization for salutations (names), body text, and even images. Combine these capabilities with customer engagement analytics, and 1:1 direct mail marketing campaigns can be executed on a mass scale. Here are a few of examples of 1:1 variable data printing campaigns in action: A nonprofit is mailing previous donors for a holiday giving campaign. Postcards feature an image of a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or winter coat drive based on which initiative the donor supported in the past. Accompanying text highlights the number of dinners, beds, or coats which could be provided for a $50 or $100 donation. By leveraging past donation behavior and appealing to the causes that donors feel most passionate about, the campaign sees a 40% increase in holiday giving. A business consulting firm develops new features for their reporting software. To promote the new capabilities, they send brochures to marketing directors working in finance, B2B, and B2C services. Each brochure features a case study from a client in the target’s field as well as industry specific images and language. This targeted approach results in twice as many leads as a previous campaign with no industry targeting. A fashion retailer
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