Why Do A Majority Of Schools Fail?

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Education is one of the most complicated subjects that no one person or even a large collection of people can perfect. By that I mean It Is almost impossible to take any one route when dealing on how to train people to be the future thinkers, doers, and so on. So why do a majority of schools fail at this? Simple we are not teaching for the right reasons.
As humans a large portion of us work hard so that we can make the lives of our children and our grandchildren better. I believe that we are not selfish enough. We can 't just perpetually repeat the cycle of learn to get a skill then get a job to raise a family. This only makes us focus our time on the next generation ,and what we can do to prepare for their future. We need to think more about what we can accomplish and what we can leave behind even if that means pushing your plans for a family farther down the list of importances. To elaborate My mother was someone who wanted more from school, and thought that if she could make take what she learned from school career life would be easy. Granted she had me around the same age i am now (and knowing that i don 't think i would dare unleash a miniature version of myself upon this earth any time soon) she was faced with a challenge. I was already left home alone a lot both in the morning and coming home from school she had to work so i didn 't mind. I learned to cook and feed myself stayed out of trouble got good grades all while staying literally a block away from one of the…

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