Why Do Advertisements Target Children

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I personaly dont watch that much T.V., but as a child I watched alot. I remeber when I was a kid and a seen a new toy I wanted it more than anything. Now that I have grown up I do not fall into the temptations of ads no more, but I was vuluerable as a child and that is why I feel like there shouldnt be ads that target childern. One good reason is the simple fact that children are easily fooled into thinking something that isnt the truth or as the passage said "childern younger than eight years old do not understand that ads are desighned to persuade." With that being said childern wouldnt know if what they ar being told is true or not. Another reason I beleave that is that in the first passage it also stated that "Ads can make children feel inferior if they dont buy the product" I beleave that is totally wrong because i kid should not have to have somethig so that they think they are eqaul to someone else.…show more content…
In conclusion i beleave that they should ban ads targeted for children in the
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