Why Do American Eat Fast Food?

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Why Do American’s Eat Fast Food? With over 200,000 different restaurants across America, fast food has become a national staple in many American lives. On average, eighty percent of Americans are eating at fast food restaurants at least one time per month. Though there are documented health risks in consuming fast food on a regular basis, the fast food industry reported a record 191.03 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2013 (Statista.com). The first fast food restaurant opened in the United States in 1916 in Wichita, Kansas. That restaurant was White Castle and it laid the foundation for the future success of fast food establishments. White Castle customers placed their orders and waited outside of their car for employees to deliver their food. A&W soon followed the trend and created drive-in’s. By the 1940’s, carhops were delivering food to the cars by roller skates and drive-thru windows soon followed. Famous actors and jingle writers got their hands in the fast food industry in the late 1950’s. The addition of television and radio ads pushed the fast food industry to expand with the growing sales markets (Accupos.com). In the 1950’s, the fast food industry took full advantage of the new marketing ideas and marketing for the restaurants immediately paid dividends. Restaurants with simple menu’s had begun to pop up all over the country. Customers could easily recognize their favorite restaurant’s signage as franchises and restaurant chains could be seen from New York

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