Why Do An Internship This Semester?

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I chose to do an internship this semester. Why? That is a question that I have been asking myself throughout these past sixteen weeks. What I came up with is probably what almost everyone says, to get credits for graduation. Other than that, I chose to do an internship so that I am able to learn more about the administrative side and accounting side of owning or managing a business. This directly relates to my personal and professional goals by, giving me the experience that I am going to need once I one day take over my family business, which is where I am interning at. As for other personal goals, it’s helping me achieve my goal of getting a college degree in business management and also two minors in accounting and human resource. But most importantly it has shown me how dedicated and organized you have to be in order to run and manage a business and that was one of my professional goals, to learn how to do that, and that is something that I am learning. I have learned so much from working this internship at my family company. I have learned that owing and managing your own business is not all peaches and roses, it is some serious hard work. While doing this experience, I have learned how to do mostly accounting things and also I was able to sit in with the executives during some of their meetings. The accounting side of it, I was taught how to go in and enter checks into Quick Books, I was taught how to fill out deposit slips and was in charge of making sure they got
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