Why Do Animals Play? By Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

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For my literacy lesson, I selected the article Why Do Animals Play? By Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld. The article focuses on animals and is an informational text exemplar aligned with NYS Grade 3 Common Core ELA test. I chose this article to help students recognize and comprehend informational text independently and proficiently. According to Fountas & Pinnell (2001), high-quality informational texts are key to students’ development of an important concept called “content literacy”, which involves the strategies required to read, comprehend, and write informational texts in a variety of subjects. Therefore, by participating in this literacy lesson, students will be able to enhance their comprehension skills by critically analyzing the story focusing on the text features. Research has provided many strategies for effective classroom instruction and lesson organization. Throughout my lesson, I used direct/ explicit instruction model that I have learned from different education courses and readings to serve as a model for my instruction. Rosenshine (1987) described this form of instruction as a systematic method of teaching with emphasis on proceeding in small steps, checking for student understanding, and achieving active and successful participation by all students. I have also used the strategy as reference for determining the strengths and weaknesses of my lesson. After conducting in class lesson and reviewing my video lesson multiple times, I was able to identify my strengths

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