Why Do Asthma Exacerbations?

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The main purpose of this article was for the authors to run an experiment to find out if there is any correlation between children who are admitted to the hospital for asthma exacerbations and where they live in proximity to major roadways. By doing this, they found that there appears to be a positive relationship between asthma occurrences and traffic exposures. This could be a more serious problem in heavily populated cities that have a lot of people living in a small area combined with busy roads. For a health care provider and others who work with a multicultural population, it is important to be aware of this link and other possible factors that could potentially cause asthma. By being aware of this study, nurses can potentially identify and treat patients that have symptoms of asthma much quicker.…show more content…
It is possible that a company could choose to avoid a certain location that is near major roadways to ensure that their customers and/or employees are not exposed to air that could potentially cause asthma. Being aware of environmental conditions is important in the practice of “Culturally Competent” human interaction. Knowing where people come from and the conditions that are factors in their everyday life can help you understand them much better. Additionally, being aware of potential risk factors can also be a vital key when it comes to “Culturally Competent” human interaction. Understanding that the location of a person’s house and/or a place they spend a lot of time can influence their health can give you the opportunity to direct them to potential
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