Why Do Bad Things Happen?

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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
A Closer Look at the Theodicy Problem
Throughout the study of many religions, we are taught that individual actions have a great impact on the outcomes throughout your life. If you live an evil life, you will encounter difficultly and strive, while the good are often rewarded in many different ways. This basic belief becomes complicated when bad things happen to good people. Why do we lose good people to violence and terror? Why would the family that takes care of the homeless have their home destroyed by fire? It does not make sense that people doing good things would be led to suffering, yet we know it happens. The term Theodicy was developed by Gottfried Liebniz (Leibniz, 1985) as a way to “reconcile belied in a just, benevolent, and omnipotent God with the grim reality of suffering” (Simko, 2012). While this is a good term, we must look deeper to gain more understanding of the reasons behind bad things happening to good people.
Good people may face suffering as a part of God’s divine plan. Throughout time people have looked for greater meaning in the world, and one commonality through many of the major religions of the world is the belief that God has a divine plan. We will not always understand how or why we experience life differently, but social order is also a part of this divinity. ”It has been common in the history of philosophy and politics to argue that reciprocal inequalities {à la complementarities) among people living
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