Why Do Bed Risers

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Bed Risers - Use a set of bed risers or four cement blocks to create extra space for storing luggage, excess clothes, books etc.

Plastic Crates - Stacking plastic crates beside your desk or in your closet is a great idea. Since plastic crates come in a variety of colors you should be able to find ones that match your dorm room decorating theme.

Closet Organizers - Consider closet organizers and inexpensive plastic hooks for additional clothing and accessory storage.

Decorate with Posters - When it comes to dorm room decorating posters are one of the best budget-friendly ways to decorate.

Wall Art - If you like to draw, unleash your inner artist and create you own work of art on your walls using a sheet of butcher paper and pastels or simply use some colored chalk and go wild! Since chalk easily washes off most surfaces you can be as creative as you want without damaging your walls.
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Decorative Magnets - If your dorm room has any metal surfaces such as a closet door or bar fridge use magnetic cut outs and letters to add a little decorative flair.

Dry Erase Boards - If you have a room mate or simply in the habit of leaving yourself reminder notes consider posting a dry erase board inside your dorm room or an exterior one outside your room for friends to leave you messages.

Bulletin/Memo Boards - A bulletin board is also an important element in dorm room decorating, you can paint a plain bulletin board to match your walls or you can design your own memo board using a strong cork board covered with a coordinating fabric and crisscrossing some ribbon to help secure your mementos.

Accent Lighting - In addition to practical lighting for late-night studying consider stringing mini-lights from corner to corner in your dorm room. Adding this kind of accent lighting will complement just about any dorm room decorating ideas you've
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