Why Do Bull Sharks Migrate

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Bull Sharks Research Paper The Bull Shark is a very interesting and fascinating creature to study.In this research I will be telling you the special features of the bull shark. And how that affects their migration and eating habits.The first time I went to an aquarium I saw a really big shark in a giant walk in tank that was the first time I was very curious about sharks and how they migrate.Bull shark migration has increased because of the decline in their food source.
What is so special about the bull shark? The bull shark has very special glands that help them migrate.The glands help them migrate through saltwater and freshwater not many other shark species can migrate through both saltwater and freshwater.The max size of the bull shark is about 11 feet long.and can grow up to 200-400 pounds which isn't the biggest shark but can pack a big punch.
What do bull sharks eat?
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They eat turtles, birds and even other sharks. Their robust diet helps them to grow to an average of 11 feet and 200 to 500lbs.The reason bull sharks migrate is because the lack of food.

Where do they migrate? Bull sharks migrate often when they run out of food or if the water gets too cold or too cold. Bull sharks like warmer waters that are shallow and about 70 Degrees Fahrenheit.The South American bull shark migrates about 2300 miles a year up rivers and streams. I wrote this hoping to get people more interested in one of the world’s most fascinating creatures, the bull shark. I hope this research helps you learn about their migration,eating habits and body features. In conclusion I hope to get more people to research bull sharks and learn more about how great of creatures they

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