Why Do Ceramists Use Molds?

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1. Molds were used for creating images, useful objects or sculptures. Romans used molds to produce large quantity of pottery (p. 38). The hands and ears of the soldiers in terra-cotta army were made in molds (p 47). 2. Contemporary ceramists use molds to make one-of-a-kind vessels, sculptures or tiles. 3. The first mold was probably round stone somebody press wet clay over. Today molds can be made of any material like inflated plastic bag or balloon, newspaper, polystyrene form, or plaster or terra-cotta mold. The mold must support the clay as it stiffens. 4. Clay can be place over hump mold in the form of slabs, wads, or coils, patting it on with hands, padding or scraping it to compress the particles. 5. Low fire clay and plaster are porous
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