Why Do Christians Believe In Life After Death

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Christians believe in life after death and therefore agree with this statement. This is because the Apostles creed, a statement of Christian beliefs, says, “the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting”. This clearly shows that life goes on after death as it says life is everlasting, even though people die.
However, other people may disagree with this statement. Many people don’t believe there’s any tangible evidence for life after death and are therefore against the belief that there is. For example, where some people believe ghosts are proof of life after death, many supposed ghost sightings have been disproved with science, such as them being illusions or reflections of light.
A reason Muslims would agree with this statement is that
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Muslims believe people will stay in their grave until the Last Day, where everyone will be raised for final judgement. Then, Allah will judge on whether they have been good Muslim or not and send them, respectively, to Heaven or Hell. Some people may disagree with this statement because no-one has returned from the dead to tell us about life after death, therefore there is, to our knowledge, no life after death at all. This promotes the point that there is no evidence for life after death. Many people don’t take the Bible as evidence for various reasons, such as the fact that there are many versions so people may have changed it to their liking over time. Christians would also agree with this statement because in the Bible and Apostles Creed there are many references to Heaven and Hell, places that people spend their time in, in the afterlife. Heaven and Hell are a key, shared, main belief between the branches of Christianity and Christians base a lot of their decisions on the basis of whether it’s a sin or not. If it is a sin, they’d ask for forgiveness in a church. So therefore Christians definitely believe in life after death. An argument some people would present to this statement is that the end of life means exactly that, it is illogical to speak about life after
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