Why Do College Students Cheat?

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Professor Kruger

English 1164

31 March 2008

Why Do College Students Cheat?

Cheating among students in college has worsened over the years and not much is being done to stop it. Where is the line drawn when it comes to cheating in the classroom? And why do kids do it? In today’s world people are growing lazier and always looking for ways to do less work and a lot of that has to do with improved technology. Improved technology has also made cheating easier. Students can send each other e-mail’s back and forth in the middle of class with answers. So as long as computers are a part of our world and apart of classrooms, how could cheating ever be stopped then? The major reasons that college students cheat is
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In Strom’s article, “Curbing Cheating, Raising Integrity” he points out that even the teachers are reluctant to identifying and punishing the cheaters. Teachers feel vulnerable to possible threats of lawsuits by parents when their child is accused of cheating. 70% of educators can agree to that observation (Strom, par. 7). So not only do students feel pressure from their parents, but the teachers also feel pressure. Parents will get bothered if they hear about their child cheating at a university. If a student was to get expelled because of cheating not only would the parents/student be wasting money, but they would be messing with their future success. And that is a lot of pressure that a teacher could face.

The other reason that I believe college students cheat is because of the benefit/cost tradeoff favors cheating. This is the reason that I like and the reason I believe that college students really cheat. Students will cheat if they think it’s easy, and they won’t get caught doing it. The consequences of cheating may seem positive to a student, for example, I cheated, got a higher grade, and no one else suffered (Dowd, par. 7). Students are able to rationalize their cheating by saying that faculty does a poor job in the classroom and that institutions don’t do a good job of addressing the issue of cheating (Kress, p.30). Some people argue that teachers are partially responsible because they ignore the evidence and choose not to
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