Why Do College Students Gain Weight?

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College students and weight issues is an important topic to me because of my children. I have four kids, the first has finished college, the second is in her second year of pharmacy school, the third is in his third year in college and the last is currently applying for college. Before sending off my children to college I either had or will have a talk about their eating habits while at school. I do this because it has been shown that when kids start college it is during that first year when they are most susceptible to gaining the infamous “Freshman 15”. Therefore, I decided to look further into this topic, because my last child will soon be a freshman and I want to find ways to help him avoid gaining unhealthy weight throughout his college…show more content…
One of the more notable and heavily studied factors being starting college. There are various factors that play into college students gaining weight. Some of the more obvious and well-studied being lack of exercise, stress due to their studies, the new environment, and the students’ dieting habits or lack thereof. Newer studies have recently investigated whether gender plays a significant role in students gaining weight in college. Per Cluskey M, and Grobe D., gender does play a role in weight gain of college students. They found that males where more likely and frequently compared to females to gain weight. Additionally, they found that males exhibited less interest in weight and strategies used to control…show more content…
Many of the studies conducted now look at the causes of the weight gain but do not talk about ways to counter act this. Furthermore, they do not discuss the implications the weight gain can have. By discussing the consequences of weight gain during college and the ways to decrease this it will not only help to decrease the incidence of weight gaining among college students but also provide people with the tools and information to fight
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