Why Do Communication Protocols Matter?

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Introduction There are many protocols that should be taken into account for nodes to communicate effectively over a network. There are several different protocols that should be considered such as how packets are transmitted, how the destination of the packet is identified, and are there any security issues. Why do communication protocols matter? For data to be transmitted from one place to another effectively communication protocols must be adhered to. These are basically sets of rules that ensure efficient transmission occurs. Riordan Manufacturing has enacted these communication protocols to be used in their network to benefit them in several ways. The first benefit is the expediency in error detection. If errors are detected and…show more content…
Communication protocols drive what type of computers and network processors are used in the network architecture. What is the overall network architecture? The physical, structural, and logical layout of a communication network as it relates to protocols is what is defined as network architecture. Network architecture also encompasses the way information is transmitted such as whether it is wired or wireless components are used and also describe the hardware and software portions of the network. Riordan has used several different technologies to make up their network. If workstations are located very close geographically, they have used LANs connected to each other through fiber optic cables. This type of architecture was used to ensure fast information transmission and a more secure connection. The network diagram shows that Riordan has placed firewalls through the use of routers and switches. These firewalls are there to sift through incoming information and secure the organization’s sensitive data. The network that Riordan has enacted appears to be a star network topology. This type of topology helps identify faults much faster and helps network downtime to be kept to a minimum. Workstations and nodes are directly linked to the main servers through cables. This ensures that if one node fails has no effect on the others. Why is traffic analysis useful? Traffic analysis is basically the monitoring of
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