Why Do Companies Need Lower Taxes In The United States

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Throughout years large American industrial companies have been running away from U.S. taxes, but there has been a new change. Companies such as Apple and Google have been affected by a change foreign countries are going through collecting higher taxes than before. It seems as if no longer can these companies get away with paying low taxes. This is happening because the European Commission have passed an order to collect high taxes. One example is Ireland who was ordered to collect fourteen billion dollars from Apple, which brought a surprise to this company. Companies have run out of places to run and pay one percent or less of taxes in foreign places, instead of paying back home. Due to these companies going abroad, many people have lost their jobs. There is a lack of jobs in this country and those jobs have been given to other people in a different country. Big companies have done this because they are able to give lower wages. An example is if they were here in the U.S. they would have to pay an individual from minimum or…show more content…
Meaning that the United States should lower taxes for these companies coming back here. This is outrageous that these companies have the audacity to ask for such a favor, after they left this country when it is in need of an economical help. Like Warren said the Congress should take three big steps in order to fix things here at home. The steps as she stated are, the Congress should increase the government share of revenue generated from taxes on big companies, Congress should encourage investment in jobs in the United States and Congress should level out the playing field for small companies. If these companies want to comeback to U.S. lands they should be in agreement with that will be asked from them. They will no longer have any power to refuse when these other countries are being encouraged to increase the tax rates on their
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