Why Do Companies Promote Unhealthy Foods?

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Why Do Companies Promote Unhealthy Foods? Junk food has been a part of America’s history since the 1900s and its desire will be growing throughout the future. Junk food can is counted as any unhealthy food which includes: cookies chips cakes and fast food. The first ever fast food restaurant opened in 1947 and more and more are blossoming throughout the country. With this explosion of fast food and junk food consumers have been wondering why companies advertise this horrible products. Companies feel like they should not stop promoting and believe it is the consumer’s decision to decide. While consumers believe that buyers are entitled to a warning to not over consume these products or lethal health risks will follow. Junk food has gotten so bad that companies put sweeteners in their food to make it taste like fruit but in reality they are loaded with lab made chemicals. When presented to the public eye most people could care less about this issue, but eat unhealthy has not just affected our past but it will affect our future. There is a huge economic benefit when companies sell unhealthy foods. Companies like Coca Cola, Frito Lay, McDonald’s and the list goes on have made billions of dollars just by selling one thing junk food. Everyone uses junk food at any given time so companies will be constantly making money. Coca Cola a globally know company and one of the first. It has been selling sugary drinks for ages. These drinks include high fructose corn syrup which can lead
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