Why Do Dreams Come True?

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Where do dreams come true? Many people, no matter the age, can spit out the answer is seconds. Disneyworld and Disneyland are some of the most “magical” places to be, at least that is what is said by many throughout the United States. Everyone knows the name “Disney”, but where does it come from? Who was the intelligent and imaginative person who had the desire and heart to create this entertainment empire? The man was Walt Disney. Through a long road of rewrites, rejections, and reconstructions, Disney created a new look for the entertainment in America. It all started with one little cartoon mouse, originally named Mortimer Mouse, but later changed to a more recognizable name of Mickey Mouse. Not only did Walt Disney create Mickey Mouse,…show more content…
Sometimes, if the kids were not behaving properly, Elias would beat them. Walt’s father lived a very religious life and maintained a focused and stern parenting style. While they were growing up, he often denied his children of toys, games, and other things that were meant to provide entertainment for children (Walter 2). Elias was a hard working man; however, he struggled to find good work. When Walt was a child, his father moved their family across the Midwest, from the big city of Chicago, to a small farm in Marceline, Missouri (Walt Disney Biography 4). The farm life had a positive impact on Walt and more specifically, gave him much inspiration for his cartoons (Walt Disney 2). As time went on, Walt and his family continued to hop around from city to city, looking for a job for Walt’s father. When Walt was only 10 years old, his family moved to Kansas City (Fischer 1). When it was time for Walt to go to high school, he returned to Chicago, where he attended Mckinley High School until he was 16. Once Walt turned 16 he riskfully dropped out of school to join the army, even though he was underage. Because of his age, he was then rejected. After this setback, Walt ventured over to France to join the Red Cross. There, his job was to be the ambulance driver. (Walt Disney Biography 5) After coming back from Europe, Walt pursued multiple careers as a newspaper artist, commercial creator and he worked at the
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