Why Do Employers Operate Disability Management Programs

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1) Employers operate disability management programs because it gives them a structured way to manage workplace costs associated with workplace illness and injury. Costs can be controlled through maintaining skilled workers and limiting absences to maintain a productive workforce. The program is also thought to “prevent workplace injury and illness and to accommodate workers in a manner that facilitates early and safe return to work.” (Management of Occupational Health and Safety, 2011, 329) I also feel that employers operate disability management programs as a way to keep themselves out of financial hardship and legal issues which could stem from a workplace injury or illness. The goal of a disability management program is for…show more content…
There are also benefits for employees as well, such as, avoiding long-term absences which result in the employee having a difficult time returning to the workforce; maintaining a stable income, job skills, and self-esteem. (Management of Occupational Health and Safety, 2011, 327) Employers should focus on all aspects of the purpose of a disability management program to ensure its effectiveness; such as, a people focused climate, prevention, early intervention, work accommodation, return to work case management and coordination, proper education of management regarding the disability management program, and an integrated claims management monitoring system. (Management of Occupational Health and Safety, 2011, 331-337) A company should also ensure that they are promoting a safe work environment and also keep all stakeholders active in the management of the program. 2) An employer’s motivation to reduce costs will prompt them to use needs assessment data on employee demographics, health, and risks in order to design the disability management program. By monitoring shifts in workplace demographics, health, and risks, absence and disability management professionals can better understand the impact of programming and use these insights to design and tailor programs, especially when data suggests that targeting a
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