Why Do Entreprenuers Need Public Relations?

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Entrepreneurs are innovators and have a purpose in what they do with their occupation to have an effect on lives. Their bright ideas help bring income to make a living off of the product. Public relations are a big asset to an entrepreneur because they create opportunities for them and others. Such as charities to help children and the elderly, also they get introduced to businesses and as well be the face of them for the companies. Overall, the entrepreneurs just want to be successful and have their hands on opportunities to make money. With this research found the purpose was to see how and what strategies did the entrepreneur’s used to actually get there are now today. The research is a guide to become a successful entrepreneur and set…show more content…
Entrepreneurs with business companies (e.g. Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Steve Jobs, Percy Master P Miller, Sean P. Diddy Combs, Earvin Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey) are common because each of them has their own products. In addition, the Public Relation strategies they used for exposure are similar. Such strategies include using campaigns, promotion videos, and commercial ads in particular. Each product that is produced has to be sold. These entrepreneurs have a relationship with the expectancy value theory because they all expect to succeed with what they brought to the world. Lil Wayne is an example because not only he’s a hip hop artist with his own label, Young Money Entertainment, but also because he has a clothing line, established in the year 2012. The clothing line name is Trukfit, meaning the reason you kill for it. Skateboarders are sponsored by the company. The clothing line Trukfit even has its own website. Even though it has its own website, the brand is also sold on other clothing sites. Along with promotional ads, coupon deals, fundraisers with free giveaways, and radio interviews, he released debuts at fashion conventions. This particular clothing line has impacted skate boarding and today’s fashion because of the owner and it is new to the world. The partnership he had brought to the skate world he can make a life style turn into its own human because the fact that he was

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