Why Do Ethics Matter

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Students are invited to think about and decide if there were no rules for conduct of ethical research and no software to detect plagiarism, would it matter? With this in mind, a discussion is required to explain why it would matter or why it would not matter.
Ethical research
Ethical research provides a system of rules or principles that guide us in making decisions about what is right or wrong and good or bad in a particular situation. In research it provides a basis for understanding what it means to be a morally decent human being (Northhouse, 2013).
Rules for conduct of ethical research embrace guidelines for creativity, honesty, objectivity, originality, integrity, respect for intellectual documents, and admiration for writers. If
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They are the following: plagiarism software offer more than one source of database access highlights the content that is exact, present the percentages of similarity, check your paraphrasing abilities, and provide proof that you have not plagiarized. In the article she explains that plagiarism has become a serious issue, with many students, academics and others being accused and punished. According to, the Center for Academic Integrity reported that nearly 80% of students in college have admitted to cheating one or more times. Also, a survey of college students conducted by the Psychological Record found that 36% had plagiarized (, 2012).
If you have aspirations of becoming a prominent writer the software to detect plagiarism can become a support and will assist you in producing an authentic document. The plagiarism software offer opportunities to proof, rewrite, and correct other writing errors. The software also allows the writer to remain honesty, for example, the plagiarism software will detect and identify if you are using someone materials. If student are concerned about in producing original writing and only utilize someone research they will not capture their writing voice or understanding what their wiring
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