Why Do Families Need To Enforce Their Cultural Norms On Their Children

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When immigrant families move into the U.S. the culture shock is significant. Families can easily become overwhelmed by their need to fit in. This is especially true for young children. It is easy for the kids to get caught up in the American way of life, and because of this, the culture can be forgotten. That is why the adults in these families need to enforce their cultural norms on their children, so they can make sure that their culture is not forgotten. There are several benefits to parents forcing their cultural norms on their children. First, it helps make sure the original culture stays alive. In "Ethnic Trump" Gish decides to enroll her son Luke in Chinese Cultural school. She does this to make sure Luke understands his Chinese heritage. This is important to Gish even though Luke was born in the U.S. Luke being in the Chinese cultural school made sure he learned about his Chinese culture even if he never traveled to China. Bong in the article "My Childhood" was exposed to his Korean culture even after he moved away from Korea. His parent's kept a lot of their favorite foods from back home in their refrigerator. Later on in Life when Bong traveled to Korea, he said he felt at home. In Breath, Eyes, Memory Martine kept the culture alive by moving into an area…show more content…
Although Martine's testing was painful for Sophie to deal with, Martine did it because the morals she grew up with said young women needed to be virgins on their wedding night's. Another value Martine passed on to Sophie was the respect between a mother and her daughter. Despite all the issues between Sophie and her mother, Sophie does respect her mom. My grandmother was always telling me and my siblings that we should love and respect each other. She would say "when your mother passes, you guys will be all you have left." Having a close relationship with your family is important in Hispanic
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