Why Do Ghosts And Angels Exist?

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“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” - Roald Dahl

Do you believe God exists? Do you believe there is life after death? Are black cats believed to bring bad luck? Do ghosts and angels really exist? You may or may not believe, but most people do believe in these and many more.
Belief is an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. Beliefs are everywhere; every human has a belief system that they use. Belief systems are a set of principles that helps us to interpret our everyday reality. It can be in any form example religion, philosophy, or spirituality.
Why do we believe? Belief system
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In India, difference between Muslims & Hindus is quite common, it all became evident after the after independence of India, the partition resulted into creation of two countries-Pakistan and India. The partition was done by the British Empire, which led to big fights between India and Pakistan as the British before leaving India they still didn’t want peace in India. Because of that, millions of people were killed between the religions. There is an international border running between India and Pakistan. Recently in Kashmir there was an attack were Hindus burned down a mosque, as Pakistan wanted to conquer Kashmir and many people died.

The other clash was between Christians and Muslims, which started century’s back; they share a historical and traditional connection. But they are enemies, this fights between them all started when Abraham’s wife Sarah, since she had yet to bear Abraham a child, she had an idea to offer her Egyptian maid Hagar to Abraham, so that she could have a child too. But Muslims didn’t agree that the Islam child was a servant’s child and said the Christian baby was the servant’s child. So by this there was a fight between
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