Why Do Gun Owners Need Gun Control?

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"The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun.", states the National Riffle Association. The effectiveness of new gun laws are causing controversy between gun owners and non gun owners. Some newly passed laws are appropriate, but others go against the Second Amendment rites. Guns are not just pieces of metal; they are used in self defense, industries such as hunting, and in multiple combat situations. While gun control advocates have a couple of reasons to want guns taken away, the abundance of helpful uses exceeds the harmful ones. Gun owners have multiple reasons to continue to bear arms. Firearms play a huge role in self defense around the world, especially in the United States. Firearms are accountable…show more content…
Non gun owners claim that guns kill the majority of our citizens, when really more people are killed by cars each year. Guns are not what kills people, it is the irresponsible and wicked person who is in control of the gun that kills people. There are many other ways besides using guns that people use to commit a homicide. Weapons such as knives are also used in many homicides around the world. Most terrorists and radical Islamic attacks use bombs more than guns in these situations. Banning guns is against our Second Amendment rites. The Second Amendment states that it functions under a free society, which means that others safety depends on one's responsibility. Better background checks are options for those who do not want to put guns in the hands of the wrong people. This Amendment allows an individual the freedom to bear arms in defense of their home. If guns were banned, this would not only go against the second amendment, but it would also allow citizens to question how they can defend themselves. In the case that guns are banned, weapons such as knives must be banned. Not only will banning guns break the rules of the Second Amendment, it will be ruining industries such as hunting and personal safety. To protect and bear arms are very special to most people, and losing those rights would affect many industries and
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