Why Do High Schools Use PBIS?

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on board. It can also be challenging to get everybody on the same page with definitions of behaviour and logical consequences (Lindsey, 2008).
There seems to be more challenges associated with PBIS implementation at the high school level. When implementing PBIS in high schools the following contextual influences need to be taken into consideration; the culture and size of the school, and the developmental level. Research also shows that for high schools to be successful in PBIS they must focus on data, leadership, and communication. These systems will impact weather or not high schools can successfully implement PBIS (Flannery, Frank, Cato, Doren, & Fenning, 2013).
Further investigation was undertaken to assess the overall success of PBIS implementation in high schools. High schools tend to hold an emphasis on content mastery and academic grades, however research reports that social behaviour support is significant and is necessary to maximise academic outcomes (Sugai, 2009). High school implementation of PBIS will be more successful when schools acknowledge the systems and structures that challenge the association of academic and social curriculum (Sugai, 2009).
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Their conclusion was that the features which characterized effective PBIS implementation at the elementary and middle school levels were the same for high schools. However, the authors also acknowledge the importance of three key areas when implementing in PBIS in high schools. First, a positive teacher student relationships must be established. Second, Classrooms must be designed in a way that promote prosocial behaviour in order to reduce problem behaviour and removal of students. And lastly, close attention should be given at the middle school level when establishing the expectations of the high school culture (Sugai,
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