Why Do I Like Mexico

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By far my the place I most love to go to and be at is Mexico. The city which i go to when i’m in mexico is called Morelia Michoacan, Mexico and I town I stay at is called Noriega. Noriega isn’t really near a big city it’s near other small towns but the other towns are a bit far away so you can say it is kind of secluded. In the town the roads and houses aren’t as nice as the ones here the houses in Noriega are made a brick and the most of the flooring is tile instead of wood flooring or carpet. Another difference is that you don’t get much water to take a shower so we take a shower when the water reaches the house and also not many of the kitchens have sinks they usually have something called “pilas” which is a cement like rectangle which you…show more content…
One of the main reasons is that i have a lot of family over there consisting of my grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Another reason i go is because when i'm there no one really bothers me and since i like to be alone and over there i know almost everyone in town i can freely walk around town not that i would go alone but i usually go to walks with my aunt. In the walks or when i go check on the animals it's so peaceful no machinery noise or factory noises just the silence and the breeze which i enjoy cause it relaxes me. Throughout the years i have created tight relationships with my of my people in Noriega there aren’t many girls so i have been used to hanging out with the guys there and the ones i'm close to over there and that i love very dearly like brothers are named julian and jonathan. Also when i'm there i forget what time it is and what day and when i least expect it it's time to leave and come back to the U.S. which makes me happy to go home but also sad since i have to leave such an amazing place that holds so many memories and i also have to leave a lot of people i love but when i leave i always remind myself and family i will
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