Why Do I Pronounce It Like Ont

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He pronounced it like “ant”, and I pronounce it like “ont.” I also say pecan differently because I say pecan as in soda can. I also do not call a carbonated beverage a sodie pop, I call it a soda or sometimes even just a drink. I call the thing to change the T.V. a remote, not a flicker. Honestly, I didn’t even know that word even existed. I also do not pronounce both like there is a l in the word, I pronounce it without the l sound. I also don’t say y’all either, I usually say only you guys or I just say hey or just call everyone by their names, even if it is a group. I also just call a spider a spider, not a gran daddy long legs. I also do not say ruin like rune. I also pronounce syrup, caramel, and New Orleans differently. I usually pronounce New Orleans like New Orleens. I also pronounce caramel like care-a-mel, like it is starting with the word care. I also say data with a short a instead of a long a. I have always heard it pronounced it that way, so I picked up on that and started using it. Additionally, even though it is rare, I still say sneakers instead of tennis shoes. Sometimes I even just refer to them as shoes or even by their brand name (ex .Jordans, Nikes, etc.)…show more content…
I usually pronounce it like along A (even when it isn’t a long way). H pronounces it as a short a or a long a, depending on what the word is. I believe we pronounce words different because we grew up in different parts of the world. He grew up in southern Illinois, I grew up in California. Additionally, I am Mexican, so I have a slight Spanish accent inside me, which makes my speech sound different. I am also not a holder of a PH.D, therefore I am not as educated as Professor Bigham is. Our region and education background is different, so it isn’t surprising that we pronounce things
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