Why Do International Students Dope Af

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9 reasons why international students are dope AF

Hi there! I’m Brice and I graduated from an international business school, where students from at least 130 countries and territories study, learn, work, communicate and most importantly party together. Here are reasons why it was the most amazing experience of my life.

1. Food Culture is Amazing
You thought Taco Bell was exotic, being friends with someone from the Bask country, learning the intricacies of Moroccan food, exploring the flavors of Indian dishes, being challenged to eat Balut, following the guidelines of real Italian cooking are only the tip of the iceberg to how vast and wonderful it is to open up to new cultures. KARTOSHKA!
2. Learn how to curse in a million ways
Learning curse words is only the start, but having friends from all over the world opens up your vocabulary to new languages, new slang, and it teaches you that Mr. Wilkie from 10th grade French knows nothing about French.
3. Everyday
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Learning about the history of Diwali, the origins of Día de Los Muertos, enjoy the elegance of the Mooncake festival, Italian hand gestures, the traditional naming of Icelandic children and much more you, become an almanac of cultural diversity. Essentially, being with people from different parts of the world shows you how wonderfully colorful each and every one of our cultures is.
5. Friendship beyond politics
Sadly the world we live in isn’t perfect and sometimes the people that lead our countries like bump heads for a big pissing contest, which results in political conflict and often a painting a negative image of one country from one another. But when individuals from these conflicting countries meet one another and become friends they realize that the friendship they build will never be tarnished by politics and makes it clear that we just all want to be friends.
6. Family in every country around the
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